Are you using the best Gasless MIG Wire available?

Weldclass Platinum GL-11 Gasless MIG Welding Wire

Weldclass PLATINUM GL-11 is the first choice of welders across Australia and beyond. Seriously smooth arc, easy-to-use, low spatter, low fume, easy de-slagging, multi-pass and all-positional. Great for mild and galvanised steels.

> Rated by Thousands of Aussie Fabricators as Australia’s No.1 Gasless Welding Wire
> Ultra-Smooth Arc with Minimal Spatter
> Suitable for All-Positional, Single and Multi-Pass Welds
> Vacuum Foil-Sealed Spool, for Exceptional Storage Life in All Conditions

> Ideal for welding mild & galvanized (Gal) steels
> Easy to use, even on steel that is moderately rusty, dirty or painted
> Ideal for portable use – no gas required
> Ideal for outdoor or onsite use and welding in windy conditions
> Suitable for all welding positions

> Premium E71T-11 Industrial Grade
> Layer wound – for smooth wire feeding and reduced spatter
> AWS Classification A5.20 E71T-11

Don’t just take our word – Check what these fabricators have to say about it!

Marc – NSW
I have used the ‘Weldclass Platinum GL-11’ mig wire for just over 6 months and for me personally it is by far a superior product to all brands that I have previously used.
It is simply cleaner and less time consuming when compared to other brands. GL-11 produces significantly less splatter, less weld porosity (if any), slag is easily removed revealing a nice clean weld underneath and the wire feeds out more smoothly and consistently which minimises the time needed to tweak the feed rolls.
I like the fact that the cost per roll is comparable to other brands and that there is less wastage as the wire comes pre-packaged in a foil bag that can be re-used to cover the part roll when it’s not in being used for an extended period of time. Many times I have had to remove rust affected layers from competitor products prior to use which is just costly and wasteful.
Highly recommended, once you try it, you will be converted!

Brock – QLD
I use the weldclass .09 flux cored wire an love it. Best I’ve used.

Tim – VIC
I’ve used other brands of gasless wire in the past but was always disappointed with the weld appearance, spatter etc. After inspecting the first few GL-11 welds I knew I was onto a good thing and knew I wouldn’t need to try any other brands, I have finally found what I was looking for. I can honestly say none of the other brands I’ve used have come close to the quality of GL-11. It flows smoothly with minimal spatter and weld appearance is also very good.

Max – NSW
Brilliant for gap filling, extremely easy to fill & doesn’t blow holes!


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2 thoughts on “Are you using the best Gasless MIG Wire available?

  1. I added a mig welder to my workshop ( I am a farmer just retired) about 10 years ago thinking it would have been good for light 18g sheet re feed bins & other small jobs around the farm, however I never really had a lot of success with the results, it would mostly look like the birds flew over & I could never get a clean run, the small jobs were always a problem. As I have now moved off the farm & getting a workshop / hobby shop build to keep me off the street. I am contemplation buying a new Unimig Viper185, from my experience & what I have been told not all wire feeder are the same & like my old mig the wire would regularly jam, I was also told the wire can also be a problem & not work or feed right in some welders.
    I have read the information on your product & if it is as good as it reads I would like to have another crack at a mig however do not want to have gas bottles in a town situation, would my selection of the Unimig viper be compatible with your wire & if so where can I buy your product as I am in Alstonville nsw (northern rivers NSW)
    Many thanks for your time,

    Kind Regards

  2. MIG welding is most commonly used everywhere in the world. I am still using stick welding and I think I might use this for a while and when I got an extra of money I can get with the MIG welding machine. I a doing a makeover with my car and they said MIG welding is the best machine to use.

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