Do you have a Cordless Bandsaw?

The 18v Metabo® Cordless Bandsaw is here!  Providing spark free and fast cutting, this lightweight saw is ideal for cutting metal on site. Features & Benefits Extremely portable, compact and lightweight cordless bandsaw Robust housing and guards for extra durablity Spark-free cutting with no need for coolant Tension, tracking and replacement of blades can be carried […]

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Are you using the best Gasless MIG Wire available?

Weldclass Platinum GL-11 Gasless MIG Welding Wire Weldclass PLATINUM GL-11 is the first choice of welders across Australia and beyond. Seriously smooth arc, easy-to-use, low spatter, low fume, easy de-slagging, multi-pass and all-positional. Great for mild and galvanised steels. WHY USE WELDCLASS PLATINUM GL-11 GASLESS WIRE? > Rated by Thousands of Aussie Fabricators as Australia’s […]

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The History of Welding

Welding is not a recent development, but is continually evolving to suit different design and manufacturing requirements. Many joins required to withstand heavy loads were joined using hot riveting, where a red-hot rivet was placed through two overlapping sections of metal and hammered over. As the rivet cooled it contracted, forming a tight join between […]

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