Jackson® WH70 Welding Helmet – “The Worlds Best Vision!”

Why Choose the Jackson WH70 Welding Helmet?
> Balder Technology – World’s first 1/1/1/1 Optical Rating – Incredible Clarity of Vision before, during & after welding
> Industry leading 5 year warranty (on electronic lens)
> Superior European Quality, Reliability and Design
> AS1337.1 High-Impact Rated

Application Information:
> For Welding Professionals & Workshops that demand the ULTIMATE in Productivity, Safety & Comfort
> For MIG, TIG & Stick, including low-amp TIG down to 1 Amps

> Low-Profile External Controls – No need to remove or lift the helmet to adjust settings
> Shade Adjustment with Dual Range: 6-8 for Oxy/Plasma Cutting & 9-13 for Arc Welding
> Grind Mode – with a flick of the switch you’re ready to grind, without lifting the helmet
> Sensitivity – adjusts to suit almost any arc welding environment

What Else?
> Large viewing area (96.0 x 68.5mm)
> Dual Sensors + Intelligent Sensing Technology: Enhanced ability to distinguish between the welding arc & other light sources
> Ultra reliable switching, even in the trickiest situations such as low amp TIG, aluminium welding, stainless welding, etc
> TIG Optimised down to 1 amp – The ultimate TIG welders helmet !
> 100% Solar Powered, 100% Reliable – No batteries to replace, no on/off buttons, ready to weld at any time
> Balder Solar Technology powers the lens from the welding arc in any environment, regardless of ambient light level
> Lightweight and well-balanced – easy to wear… all day long
> Jackson ‘375’ Headgear: Confortable, Robust & Easy to Adjust. Firm latching in the up or down position.
> Slim Profile for ease of access in confined areas
> Tested & Confirms to: AS1337.1 High-Impact (helmet), AS1338.1 (lens)
> Fast & Easy Cover Lens Replacement
> Available in Helmet only [11933] or with Powered Air Respirator [11934]


Call 1300 90 50 75 or visit www.addler.com.au for more information.


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